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Committee Composition

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information. To read more about any of the committees, click on committee names in the chart below.
Chairperson Chairperson Committee Member Member Financial Expert Financial Expert
Lead Director Independent Lead Director
 Audit and Finance CommitteeNominating and Corporate Governance CommitteeCompensation CommitteeExecutive Committee
Outside Directors
Drew G. Faust   Committee Member   
Curtis Feeny Financial Expert Chairperson    Committee Member
Paul-Henri Ferrand  Committee Member    
Deborah A. Henretta    Committee Member  
Kunal S. Kamlani Financial Expert Committee Member    
John F. Lundgren  Committee Member    
Carol Meyrowitz    Committee Member  
Robert  Sulentic  Lead Director   Committee Member   Committee Member
Vijay  Vishwanath   Chairperson   Committee Member
Paul F. Walsh    Chairperson  
Inside Directors
Ronald L. Sargent     Chairperson
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