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New York City Council Member Robert Jackson, Staples, Inc. and Friends of Lead Free Children Join Forces to Aid Dominican Republic
NEW YORK, Aug 03, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- New York City Council Member Robert Jackson, along with Staples, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLS) and Friends of Lead Free Children announced today a joint program to provide humanitarian relief to children living in the village of Haina, Paraiso de Dios, Dominican Republic. Council Member Jackson and representatives from Staples and Friends of Lead Free Children are traveling to Haina to bring educational supplies and food to ensure local children have the most basic resources needed for success.

The group of representatives will deliver enough breakfast cereal and dry milk for 30,000 breakfasts for students of a small grade school in the village. In addition, the school will receive a large stock of high potency vitamins to provide all youth with the nutritional supplements they lack in their diets. Staples is donating a backpack to each child filled with school supplies that will help them with their studies.

"Lead poisoning remains a significant health problem for many countries around the world, especially in the village of Haina, where for decades its people have been exposed to toxic levels of lead," said Stephen Null, Director, Friends of Lead Free Children. "With the support of Council Member Jackson and Staples, we will be able to assist these children and increase their opportunities for better lives."

"Staples supports 'Nutrition of Life' and its mission to improve the lives of Haina citizens through academic, health and safety education," said Ken Brooks, Field Marketing Champion, Staples. "This year, in addition to the prenatal supplements, Staples is providing school supplies to ensure youth in Haina have the fundamental resources needed to thrive and develop."

Earlier this year, the United Nations published a report listing the most toxic places in the world. Haina was found to be the third most toxic location, where tests showed soil from parts of this village were 40% pure lead, which is 1,000 times higher than standardized safe levels. Since 2003, Council Member Jackson, Staples and Friends of Lead Free Children have worked together on "Nutrition for Life", a program that provides high-risk pregnant women in Haina with prenatal education. Each year, a humanitarian delegation from New York City travels to Haina to deliver prenatal supplements to over 18,000 women.

SOURCE: Staples, Inc.

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