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ArcStream Solutions Launches Wireless Consulting and Systems Integration Services to Global 2000 Companies

Office Supply Superstore Pioneer Staples Taps ArcStream to Boost Mobile Workforce Efficiency

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 2, 2001--ArcStream Solutions today announced the launch of its wireless consulting and systems integration services for companies seeking to improve the effectiveness of their mobile workforce. ArcStream helps companies link their mobile professionals with the data residing in their corporate systems. ArcStream focuses solely on creating wireless solutions that benefit the enterprise and its employees.

Industry analyst firm International Data Corp. (IDC) predicts that the U.S. mobile workforce will grow from 15 percent to 38 percent of total workers by 2005. However, many companies have yet to take advantage of wireless applications to link disparate data and boost overall business productivity. Companies that harness the power of wireless computing, according to industry analyst firm Gartner Group, will likely improve the productivity of their mobile workers by 30 percent or more.

By educating companies on the capabilities and benefits of wireless technologies, ArcStream helps clients identify practical solutions that can deliver business value today. In addition, ArcStream implements effective and secure B2E (business-to-employee) mobile solutions for companies that have wireless initiatives already planned or underway, bringing a high level of wireless computing expertise.

ArcStream's clients and prospects include corporations with a significant number of mobile professionals, such as those in field service and sales within various industries including high-tech manufacturing, insurance, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods and retail.

Staples, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPLS), an $11 billion retailer of office supplies, furniture and technology, recently tasked ArcStream for assistance in leveraging wireless technologies for immediate and long-term benefits.

"ArcStream's expertise and deep understanding of our business is helping us better take advantage of wireless opportunities," said Brian Light, Executive Vice President and CIO of Staples. "As advisors, ArcStream is working with us to pinpoint and execute on practical wireless applications that will impact our associates' efficiency now and in the future. ArcStream is helping us quickly leverage the business benefits wireless technologies can bring to our company."

Upon completion of the strategy and design phase, ArcStream plans to develop and implement appropriate solutions for Staples' mobile workforce.

Customers gain strategic counsel from ArcStream's seasoned management team of consulting experts whose experience at major information technology corporations, such as IBM Corp. and Keane, Inc., averages more than 15 years. ArcStream's arsenal of proprietary methods, tools and techniques is designed to help clients enhance the effectiveness of their mobile workforce through the application of wireless technologies. These methods enable Arcstream to quickly turn its knowledge of strategic, architectural and technical considerations into solutions that generate significant value for its clients.

"We climb into the trenches with our customers and their mobile professionals and use our understanding of wireless technologies to address the unique needs of the mobile worker," said John Keane, CEO, ArcStream Solutions. "Our ability to quickly understand a company's specific business goals, stemming from our focus on targeted industries, sets us apart from the wireless pack."

"Some companies will benefit from simple implementations, for example, replacing clipboards with handhelds for efficient form-based input. Others will benefit from more complex designs by incorporating access to enterprise systems, such as CRM, ERP and supply chain management," stated Keane. "We're committed to helping companies understand what is right for them, and unleash the true value of their existing and future technology investments as they deliver solutions for their mobile workforce."

About ArcStream Solutions

ArcStream Solutions is a wireless consulting and systems integration firm that delivers innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness of mobile workers. ArcStream, financially backed by NorthBridge Venture Partners, specializes in providing B2E - business-to-employee - strategic consulting and implementation services for high-tech manufacturing, insurance, pharmaceuticals, utilities, telecommunications, retail and consumer goods manufacturers. Led by a seasoned management team, ArcStream's enterprise-wide, wireless strategy approach helps companies find the appropriate solution for their business by understanding the impact of wireless applications and ultimate return on investment. For more information, visit ArcStream Solutions' Web site at


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