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FEATURE/Staples Announces 'Top Ten' for Back to School; Translucents, Milky Products, and Glitter Gear Highlight New Products List

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE FEATURES)--Aug. 10, 2000--Grape Ice. Strawberry Freeze. Blueberry Frost. These aren't the latest Popsicle flavors, but the hot new translucent colors topping students' "must have" list for Back-to-School 2000.

"Translucents are this year's big trend," says Kathy Overton, buyer at Staples. "Frosted colors appeal to tech-savvy kids who want their school supplies and their school rooms to make a 21st Century fashion statement. Students can pair the new translucent items with traditional school products, while the college crowd can decorate a dorm room with translucent lamps, bookends, and phones. Bright colors are hot this year and the "translucent look" is on everything from furniture to notebooks."

Here is a "Top Ten" preview of what will be hot in the hallways this September according to the experts from Staples. -0-


1. Clearly popular. Translucent colors are the hottest trend on most

school supplies this year. Everything from chairs and lamps to

pens, notebooks and three ring binders can be found in a variety

of translucent shades. Translucent trends for Back-to-School 2000

include Spaceworks space crates by Tamor; bold new V-Tech phones;

translucent violet desk lamps by Tensor; a wide array of Basix

translucent desk accessories by Tenex; and translucent chairs,

floor mats, computer keyboards, computer mouses, shredders,

calculators, staplers, tape dispensers and pens.

2. Got Milky(TM)? Exclusive to Staples is the Milky Lunar(TM) gel

pen! Creamy pastel scribbles are now visible on both dark and

light paper. What better way to get the new Milky gels than in a

special milk-bottle (10 pens for $8.98). Not just limited to

paper, Milky pens can also be used to write notes on black lunch

bags, pencil pouches and zipper binders by American Studio or on

new black portfolios and indexes by Duo-Tang.

3. Tape-On-The-Go. Scotch(R) Pop-Up Tape key chains are now available

for students in easy-to-use, boldly colored transparent

dispensers. Loaded with 75 pre-cut tape strips, they make a

colorful key-chain statement and are portable for home or school


4. Ergonomic Solutions. Working on computers and sitting at desks all

day, kids will love the new backrests, arm rests and computer

glare guards, just a few of the latest ergonomic accessories

available. Jansport's backpacks have new ergonomic features, such

as padded backs and s-curve straps to help with the students'

heavy loads. Retailing between $19.99 - $39.99, the backpacks are

available in a variety of colors.

5. All that Glitters. Glitter accessories such as pens, pencils and

book covers add sparkling fashion and fun to the schoolroom.

Pentel pens, in metallic colors and PenTech glitter-dipped pencils

make a cool contrast on dark and pastel paper. New metallic

markers from Dri-Mark(R) ($4.98), Manco's holographic bookcovers

and Gelly Roll(TM) sparkling glitter pens paired with a new

refillable journal are sure to spark up the back-to-school scene.

Also available is an assortment of 20 metallic and pastel gel pens

by GlimmerGel for $12.99.

6. Pens That Make Scents. Building on the on-going gel craze,

Uni-ball has introduced new Gellyz(TM)Scents! These new gel pens

will bring an assortment of fruity scents into the classroom, such

as strawberry and grape (5 for $5.98).

7. Scuba "Do!" Daytimer's new WetSuit(R)organizers are worthy of a

deep-sea diver! These organizers, available in fresh colors like

orange and lime-green, are covered in a very durable and

water-resistant fabric. They make a bold statement, rain or shine.


8. Small Talk. Students interested in cell phones, pagers and other

wireless products will find extraordinary offers for

back-to-school. Sprint's new wireless web-offer features Internet

access in the palm of your hand. The Sprint Digital PCS phones

begin at $99.99 and are the latest addition to a growing number of

wireless phones designed to be as small and efficient as possible.

The phone features a mini browser, which literally allows

customers to "surf the web" through their wireless phone.

9. In-Hand Technology. On the wish list of college and high school

grads alike, the Handspring Visor(TM) and Visor Deluxe(TM),

hand-held organizers help students organize their busy schedules.

The Visor, available in graphite ($179.00), and the Visor Deluxe,

available in ice, blue, green and orange ($249.00), with expansion

capabilities that will grow with every students' needs, promise to

be great items this season!

10. Go Trekking. Inspired by cargo and khaki trends, the new durable

and rugged messenger bags and backpacks are more fashionable than

ever before! Jansport's offers new "pack-pockets" to accommodate

technology products, like cell phones, pagers, laptops and

handheld organizers. These new "pack-pockets" are made with Velcro

attachments and clip onto messenger bags and backpacks. With

colorful shades like oyster, silver, storm blue, scarlet, canvas

and black, the Jansport backpacks also illustrate this new rugged

trend (19.99 39.99). *T

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