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Think You are Taking Good Care of Your Computer?Staples IT IQ Survey Shows Computer Maintenance is Not as Easy as We Think

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Apr 05, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Have you tested your IT IQ lately? While technology is a critical part of our daily lives, many of us think we know more than we actually do when it comes to performing routine maintenance of high tech devices such as computers, laptops and tablets.

In a recent online poll of more than 2,000 people conducted by Zogby International, the Staples IT IQ Survey revealed that most of us claim to be comfortable with performing our own maintenance on our computers, but the reality is that most of us fail to effectively perform or even have the knowledge to perform routine maintenance. For the rest of us, computer maintenance is just too scary, confusing or not a priority.

Highlights of the Staples IT IQ survey findings show that we are not performing some of the more important computer maintenance tasks such as backing up our important files and applications as often as we should. The findings revealed:

  • While 97 percent of respondents use their computers every day, less than 40 percent of respondents back up their computers at least once a week.
  • And, almost a third of all respondents back up their computers once per year or never.

A common misconception uncovered in the IT IQ survey is that we falsely presume our computers are well-protected from the viruses, spyware, and other malware that put our personal information at risk and decrease performance. 83 percent of the survey respondents stated that they are somewhat or very confident their computer is free of malware. Yet, nearly half of personal computers in the U.S. are compromised by malware.*

Among those who feel comfortable performing routine maintenance, most did not know the best practices for computer maintenance. The survey findings revealed:

  • Nearly half of the respondents thought restarting their computers or simply running an antivirus program would fix a slow computer.
  • Fewer than half of the respondents knew the best hardware upgrade for a slow computer is upgrading its RAM.

Conversly, of the survey respondents who were less comfortable performing their own computer maintenance, the findings revealed they'd rather visit the DMV or wait in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Of these respondents, 56 percent were uncomfortable because they were afraid they would do more harm than good on their own.

"It's clear that computer maintenance is tougher than we think," said Jevin Eagle, executive vice president, merchandising and marketing, Staples Inc. "We see customers everyday who are frustrated and nervous with the challenges of technology maintenance. Our certified EasyTech associates are highly trained with expertise in diagnostics, repair, virus/malware removal and data back up solutions to name a few."

Staples Provides the Experts & Makes It Easy

You don't have to be an expert when it comes to technology - you just need to know one. At Staples the shopping experience extends far beyond office supplies and into a full suite of technology products and services. Staples EasyTech associates are highly trained, and able to assist customers with a wide range of technology services that range from the basic set ups of new PC's to advance PC diagnostics and repair. The work can be done in store, in a customer's home or office or even remotely over the wire using a secure environment.

In addition to services, Staples remains at the forefront as a technology authority with a broad selection of the hottest new tablet computers beginning with Motorola XOOM, BlackBerry(R) PlayBook(TM) and Dell Streak. Staples will add the next wave of new tablets from other leading manufacturers over the next few months.

Staples makes it easy for customers to recycle technology. Rechargeable batteries and personal electronics can be recycled in store for free including PDAs, cell phones, and digital cameras. Dell(R) products can also be recycled in store for free and the Staples Easy Tech experts can help to securely transfer data from the computer prior to recycling.

About Staples:

Staples is the world's largest office products company and a trusted source for office solutions. The company provides products, services and expertise in office supplies, copy & print, technology, facilities and breakroom, and furniture. Staples invented the office superstore concept in 1986 and now has annual sales of $25 billion, ranking second in the world in eCommerce sales. With 90,000 associates worldwide, Staples operates in 26 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, making it easy for businesses of all sizes, and consumers. The company is headquartered outside Boston. More information about Staples (Nasdaq: SPLS) is available at

*According to findings released by PandaLabs in February 2011.

SOURCE: Staples

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