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News Release

Staples Appoints Mark Buckley Vice President of Environmental Affairs

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 11, 2002--Staples, Inc. (SPLS) today announced the appointment of Mark Buckley to Vice President of Environmental Affairs to direct the company's environmental commitment to protect and preserve natural resources. In this newly created position, Buckley will further Staples' environmental leadership in the purchase and promotion of recycled content products, chain-wide recycling initiatives, energy conservation programs as well as educational initiatives for customers and associates.

"Mark is uniquely qualified to lead our commitment to environmental stewardship," said Staples' vice chairman Joseph Vassalluzzo. "A twelve-year Staples veteran, Mark helped spearhead and manage our company-wide initiatives of paper recycling and energy conservation that started more than a decade ago. He brings a depth of industry knowledge combined with the achievements, passion and vision necessary to propel our environmental leadership forward."

Buckley will initially direct the development of a strategic business plan that supports goals outlined by Staples' recently announced environmental paper procurement policy. The policy formalizes the company's commitment to protecting forest resources through environmentally sound paper procurement practices. In doing so, Buckley will serve as an important liaison with suppliers, environmental groups, paper industry groups and consultants, as well as help further articulate and drive the policy going forward.

Buckley will also oversee customer education programs such as America Recycles Day which Staples supported last month with a special week-long ink jet cartridge recycling program, part of Staples year-round cartridge recycling initiative. The program rewarded store customers who turned in used inkjet cartridges with a free ream of Staples brand 30 percent recycled paper. The program resulted in more than 62,000 cartridges turned in--double the normal weekly number. The program helped educate customers about Staples' recycled product offerings and reinforced the benefits of recycling and the use of recycled content products. Staples currently offers about 1,000 recycled content products--from copy paper to corrugated storage boxes to remanufactured ink cartridges--through its stores, website and catalogs.

Buckley was previously vice president of facilities management and purchasing where his responsibilities included directing company-wide recycling and energy conservation programs. These efforts resulted in more than 25,000 tons of corrugated and mixed paper recycled, saving about 425,000 trees, in 2001 alone. He has also served as a key member of Staples Environmental Action Group. Prior to joining Staples, Buckley held several leadership positions in the field of environmental management for Star Market, Continental Baking, General Environmental Services Inc. and the U.S. Department of Interior/Aquaculture Project. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from St. Anselm's College and is an active member of several environmental groups for the State of Massachusetts.

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