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The Back-To-School Buzz From Staples The Office Superstore
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    WESTBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 3, 1998--

    Your Back-to-School Shopping List Should Include
    Staples' Top Ten Hot Back-to-School Items and Trends

    The Back-to-School buzz is underway, and students of all ages are filled with anticipation for the year ahead. Savvy students will want to be well prepared for the challenge of the classroom, and that means being well equipped. Staples(R) The Office Superstore is the one-stop Back-to-School headquarters, where you can find everything on your shopping list. So grab a pen and get ready to hit the stores!
    The Back-to-School experts at Staples say that this year's hottest supplies will have a radical new look -- classics spiced up with a funky style and advanced ergonomic design features. Pens, binders and Post-it(R) Notes are revved up with metallic retro colors, improved designs and even a timeless childhood favorite: Winnie the Pooh.

1.   Bold colors are back. Blue, teal and purple are this year's
     fashion colors in many Back-to-School items, including the
     ever-popular two-pocket portfolios. Metallic blue and purple are
     also featured in plastic drawer storage units from Iris that are
     predicted to be the hit of any dorm room.

2.   It's all about comfort. Ergonomics may be a fancy word behind
     this year's biggest trend in writing instruments, but greater
     writing comfort is what it's all about. Bic is offering six new
     items with cushioned extra-wide barrels to reduce finger fatigue
     and cramps, so taking class notes won't be such a chore.

3.   Ever seen a black Post-it Note? "Midnight Shades" are sure to be
     the rage this Fall. 3M and Pentel have teamed up to create two
     dramatic and eye-catching Post-it Note/pen combinations. One item
     features black notes packaged with a gold metallic gel pen, and
     the other features midnight blue notes packaged with a silver
     metallic gel pen.

4.   No more dried up highlighters. Sanford's new "Liquid Accent" line
     of highlighters comes in packs featuring vibrant yellow, pink,
     green, blue and violet ink that's visible through a clear plastic
     window. Even better than the color is the fact that you can see
     when the ink is running low, so you'll never be caught with a
     dried up highlighter. These pens are "good to the last drop"!

5.   Binders with a personal touch. The newest thing in binders comes
     from Avery. New "non-stick" viewbinders feature a clear overlay
     that won't stick to paper inserts. This lets kids personalize
     their binders with favorite photos without worrying about
     damaging them.

6.   Licensing brings childhood favorites Back-to-School. The
     popularity of Winnie the Pooh and his pals from the 100-Acre Wood
     is apparent in school supplies in everything from binders to
     backpacks. Other licensed images on products that will be hot for
     Back-to-School 1998 range from elementary school-age favorites
     "Cuddly Cuties" to Lassen underwater murals for older students.
     Look for them in school hallways across the country this year.

7.   Computers to fit any budget. The classroom is more high tech than
     ever and students are spending more and more time on-line. With
     state-of-the art graphics, increased memory and amazing speed,
     today's family computers offer increased productivity to students
     and their families, and Staples has a computer for every budget.
     Staples has Back-to-School savings on the popular Compaq 2256 and
     the Hewlett Packard 6330 and 6350.

8.   Stay in touch with loved ones back home. Staples carries a wide
     selection of telephones designed to keep students and families in
     touch throughout the long school year. The cordless 900-megahertz
     phone from V-Tech, offers exceptional sound quality and range,
     and at Staples' exceptional price of $39.99, it's more affordable
     than ever. Back-to-School specials are also being offered on the
     AT&T answering machine, available at its lowest price ever of

9.   The Back-to-School savings keep adding up with calculators from
     Staples. Whether you're shopping for a simple calculator to help
     your grade-schooler add and subtract or a more complex scientific
     or graphing calculator for your math-major's number crunching
     needs, you'll find it at Staples -- at the right price.

10.  Dictating equipment means you won't miss a thing. Students
     wanting to lighten their loads are turning increasingly to
     microcassette recorders as a method of taking notes in the
     classroom. The newest models are not only a terrific value, but
     are slim, trim and ready to go anywhere. Staples is offering
     Olympus dictating equipment at the special price of $19.99, for a
     limited time only.

    Staples, Inc. is a $5 billion retailer of office supplies, furniture and technology to consumers and businesses from home-based businesses to Fortune 50 companies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. Staples, headquartered outside Boston, Mass., invented the office superstore concept and today is the largest operator of office superstores in the world. The company, which has grown earnings per share at a 40% compound rate over the last five years, has 30,000 employees serving the business customer through over 800 office superstores, mail order catalogs and a contract business. Visit Staples on the Internet at:

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